TRX: Why Working Out with Your Chiropractor is a Great Idea

TRX: Why Working Out with Your Chiropractor is a Great Idea Bentonville

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When we say, "core strength," what images come to mind? Are you thinking about a six-pack and a bikini, or do you imagine doing hundreds of crunches without breaking a sweat?

Strengthen Your Core in Bentonville

A strong core is not just a defined abdomen-it's all the muscles in your middle working together and handling the everyday strains of living. Everything from picking up a child to dressing yourself demands core strength.

We've discovered that one of the best ways for you to develop that strength is to workout with us!

TRX and Your Chiropractor

TRX is a resistance program that will train your entire body-especially that core. Even though it was developed by a Navy Seal, don't let that discourage you. Working out with your chiropractor might be the best decision you can make for your core strength.

Since your core is what supports a strong, pain-free back, your chiropractor is a great resource for learning how to move correctly. Even the strongest fitness enthusiasts can make mistakes with their form when it comes to fitness and suffer from an injury.

The Perks

Our TRX classes can guarantee that your form will not lead to an injury since we are there to supervise your movements and give guidance when needed. TRX is for everyone of all ages, not just professional athletes. Suspension training helps align the spine as well as assist in your fitness goals, which means a healthier and stronger back for you!

We at BetterBody Solutions are ready to help you improve your strength through TRX. Contact us today to learn more about our core strengthening program and how TRX can help you.


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